Projects (2003-2009)


256gl   256notes
   256notes - web based Silverlight application
   to organize personal information. C#, MS SQL, Java, JSP.



Princess Marble   Princess Marble Enterprise Information System
   MS SQL Server, Tomcat Server, over 600 JSP based pages.
   System has open interfaces and integrated with MS Office and
   QuickBooks. The development process included IDEF/UML modeling.
   MS SQL, Java, JSP.


NNOD   NNOD - Neural Network Oriented Data Base
   Artificial neural network - SDK for supporting active data elements.
   C++, Java, JavaScript.



SVOD   SVOD - Accounting Analytical System
   Corporate analytical system to consolidate accounting data.
   Report generator., Java, JSP, MS SQL, FoxPro, Oracle.



Virtual Agent   Virtual agents
   Interactive component to build virtual assistance in Web stores.
   Java, JSP, JavaScript, MS SQL.




   Software Development Kit to build interactive applications.